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An Islander '44, Shadowfax is a blue water sailer having logged multiple South Pacific trips.  So many comforts of home including private berth, spacious lavatory and a galley that brings superior culinary presentations, all offer passengers a great home base for exploring Maui, Lana'i & Moloka'i.  Her beautiful interior boasts imported teak detail throughout.  Families of up to six & groups of two couples would be very comfortable on over-nighters.


Mike has 30 years experience in yacht charter, snorkel, sail, sunset & whale watching.  A 100 ton USCG licensed captain, Mike left private yacht charters around Miami & The Bahamas in 1984 for the Pacific waters of Hawaii. 


In 2009, Mike found Shadowfax in Long Beach California and single-handed her to Maui, her new home.  Mike's safety training includes CPR, Lifeguard, Padi Scuba Certified & most importantly: Chef de Cuisine.  Mike makes the Perfect Pacific Concierge, ready to exceed the diverse expectations of guests aboard Shadowfax.  

The Crew

Malcolm Sage

Malcolm has been aboard Shadowfax for the last five years.  His love affair with sailing has also lead him to offshore blue water deliveries in the Northern Pacific.   He is an avid channel swimmer, free diver and whale enthusiast. His passion and love for the islands  has guided him towards being an active member in the Polynesian Voyaging Society.  As crew of these traditional and sacred double hauled sailing canoes,  he has been able to gain the knowledge of traditional star navigation and has embraced deep values of Hawaiian culture. Malcolm strongly believes that, "passion should not be kept it should be shared". 

 Lydia Lintermans

 Lydia has been working as a charter boat captain here on Maui for the last nine years.  She is a licensed 100 ton captain and her love for the sea has also lead her on sailing voyages across the South Pacific.  Sailing from Hawaii to French Polynesia and on to Fiji was a dream come true.  She is passionate about providing our passengers with a memorable and pleasurable experience on board Shadowfax in hopes of helping them deepen their love and understanding of the ocean.

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